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Pelvic orthosis AM-PC-02

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Kod NFZ: L.02.01
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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.


Degenerative joint changes do not only affect older people. From 50. Almost half of people have degenerative deformed joints, while in the group of 60-year-olds this phenomenon affects about 60-70 percent. People. Degenerative pathologies are usually the most common cause of disability among people over 65. year of life. Lack of fitness resulting from impaired function of the locomotor system is a nagging limitation for patients and a problem at the social level. The disease is chronic and progressive.

The separation of the pubic symphysis is the cause of excessive relaxation of ligaments and increased pelvic bone mobility due to pregnancy hormones (estrogens). These types of hormones affect the pubic cartilage as well as the sacroiliac joints. There is pain when walking, so-called. “duck gait”, and from time to time you can even hear typical crackling sounds while walking. The result is the inability to stand on one leg. The separation of the pubic symphysis, its rupture or rupture can occur during difficult childbirth, when there is a disproportionate birth or it was necessary to use forceps.


  • postpartum separation of the pubic symphysis, as well as in the case of arthrosis of the sacral joints
  • Separation of the pubic symphysis
  • instability of the sacroiliac joints
  • degenerative changes of the sacroiliac joints (arthrosis)


  • AM-PC-02 is an orthosis stabilizing the entire pelvis and sacroiliac joint,
  • The intelligent combination of elastic and non-elastic material ensures individual stabilization,
  • It has a velcro closure,
  • The product is made of specially reinforced orthopedic rubber AirRubber II with a 3D construction.


  • The orthosis relieves pain, allows the patient to move independently and additionally reduces the development of the disease,
  • The anatomical shape ensures high wearing comfort,
  • Handy Velcro fasteners, facilitate putting on and removing the product,
  • The orthosis fits perfectly to the body, does not slip and is invisible under clothes,
  • Thanks to the orthosis, the patient’s body posture improves because the spine is properly stabilized,
  • During walking, the pelvis is properly stabilized, which significantly reduces discomfort and pain in the patient,
  • The degree of compression is adjusted individually by means of a front compression belt.


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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.