Dodaj do koszyka przedmioty i kup je szybko i wygodnie.

Questions and answers

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:


  • Is it possible to pick up in person from the warehouse?

    It is not possible to pick up in person from the warehouse. The structure of the store is dispersed (i.e., the store’s office is located somewhere else, the checkout and accounting department somewhere else, and the warehouse somewhere else), and this does not allow for personal receipt of goods and payment for a given order.

  • Is it possible to place an order without creating an account ?

    Yes, you can place an order in the akson.co.uk store without registering or creating an account. It will be processed as standard, you will only be asked to fill in the data necessary for shipping. However, we encourage you to create an account. This will allow you to enjoy many conveniences, such as tracking order statuses, tracking shipments, and viewing your purchase history. In addition, special promotional campaigns are available for registered customers.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    All users, both those who are registered and those who have made a purchase without registration, receive e-mails to the address provided when placing an order with an update on its status. In addition, customers who have an account in our store can keep track of the status of their order after logging into their account in the “Order History” tab. Remember that you can always contact our Customer Service.

  • Can I get a Vat invoice for my order?

    All customers purchasing from Recman.co.uk receive a VAT invoice in electronic form. If you are ordering for a company, you must select this option when placing the order and fill in the fields that will appear after selecting it.

Returns and complaints

  • Can I return the goods?

    In accordance with applicable regulations, within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the ordered goods, you have the right to return them without giving any reasons within the framework of withdrawal from the contract, according to the general rules under the regulations on conclusion of distance contracts.

    Returned product must not bear traces of use – each item must be complete and factory-packed, the goods delivered in the original undamaged packaging in unaltered condition. The returned product must include a completed paper or electronic return form.

    Full information on returns can be found here: REGULATIONS in section X Cancellation of contract

  • What is the warranty period ?

    Goods purchased in the Akson Store are covered by the warranty and service of the manufacturer, importer or seller (guarantor). In the event of damage to warranted goods, follow the instructions for use on the Warranty Card. The warranty and service of the goods is handled by the Akson Company service. The terms of the warranty are in each case specified in the warranty document issued by the guarantor. Warranty periods for individual goods are specified in the description of the goods.

    In the event of a complaint, the goods must be sent back with the receipt or issued VAT invoice in the original packaging.

    The basis for the acceptance of the complaint is proof of purchase of goods (e.g. fiscal receipt or VAT invoice).

    The time limit for processing complaints is 14 days from the date of delivery of the claimed goods.


  • How do you deliver packages?

    We send the ordered goods by DHL courier or InPost courier.

  • What is the cost of shipping?

    DHL: 18 zł

    Inpost Courier: 16 zł

    InPost Parcel Machine: 12 PLN

  • My package arrived damaged, what should I do?

    At the time of receipt of goods, the Consumer is obliged to check the shipment. Visible damage (e.g. condition of tapes, seals) should be reported to the courier and contact a sales employee of Akson Store.

    Claims for mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only on the basis of a written protocol of damage/disparagement of the shipment, made at the time of receipt of the goods, in the presence of the courier and with his confirmation. If you find any damage to the shipment, you must refuse to accept it and write an appropriate damage report. According to the shipping law, the consignee of a shipment who notices damage to the shipment after the Courier has departed may report this fact by telephone to the courier company

  • In what time will the package be sent to me?

    Each product has information on what time the package will be shipped. If the product is in stock, it usually takes 24 – 48h. If the product is on order this time may extend to 7 days.


  • How do I book an appointment for a presentation online?

    Only logged-in users can schedule an online presentation.

    After registering your account and accepting the necessary consents, log in to your account.

    Następnie należy wyszukać odpowiedni produkt i kliknąć ikonę Dodaj do interaktywnej konsultacji.

    A maximum of 3 products can be selected during one presentation. The number of added products is shown in the lower right corner.

    Once you have added all the products you are interested in, click on the Show products then Arrange an interactive presentation. You will be taken to a page where you need to enter: phone number (necessary to confirm the date and time); proposed date of presentation (Note: the selected date is not binding and is subject to change); comments (Here you should provide any necessary comments that may be relevant during the presentation, e.g.: if there are significant medical conditions, or if, for example, the patient cannot use a microphone and will use chat during the presentation). Następnie należy zaznaczyć Zgodę na kontakt mailowy i telefoniczny i zatwierdzić przyciskiem Umów interaktywną prezentację.

    Within 24 hours, our consultant will contact you to discuss the details and conduct a short survey on the presented products.

  • How long is the presentation?

    The presentation of 1 product takes about 30 minutes. A maximum of 3 products (90 minutes) can be seen during 1 presentation. It is not possible to extend the presentation due to subsequent meetings.

  • I added 3 products and would like to see 4

    A maximum of 3 products can be seen during 1 presentation. If you would like to see more products, please select 3, book a date and in the Notes enter the fourth product you are interested in (name/model) . Our representative (if time permits) will also talk briefly about the fourth product. If more products cannot be presented, another presentation date should be scheduled.

  • Can any product from your site be seen online?

    Don’t. Only selected products we are able to show online. These are the products listed in the SHOWROOM tab and all products that have such an icon on their product card:

  • Is a microphone necessary for presentations?

    We recommend that the person who arranges the presentation have a microphone on. This will make it easier to ask questions. In a situation where you do not have a microphone or for other reasons do not want to attach it, there is the possibility to ask questions via chat – unfortunately, this will severely limit the way of communication.

  • Is a camera necessary for presentations?

    The camera is needed only when connecting (a requirement imposed by the software vendor). While in progress, the camera can be turned off, or covered.

  • Is the presentation free?

    Yes. The presentation is 100% free and
    does not oblige you to purchase the selected products.

This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.