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AM-PES-03 Children’s back orthosis

Producent: Reh4Mat
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A simple spider made of skin-friendly materials. From the inside it is lined with terry knitwear, which is indifferent to the user. Dorsal pads and non-stretchable straps provide effective stabilization.

The comfort of use is responsible for the possibility of easy washing, as well as the speed of putting on and taking off the straightholder. The rim of the orthosis reminds the child to maintain the correct posture by shaping the correct posture pattern.

Children’s back straightening orthosis is an effective way to improve the function of the spine, as well as to improve the comfort and safety of the child. This is important to help children develop properly and avoid health problems in the future.




Size 1 chest girth (cm) 45-50, Size 2 chest girth (cm) 50-60


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