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Children’s ankle orthosis AM-OSS-05

Producent: Reh4Mat
Kod NFZ: H.01.01
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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.

Ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Excessive supination or pronation of the foot causes muscles and ligaments to stretch beyond their physiological range of motion. We are dealing with 3 basic degrees of ankle sprain:

1st degree

– gentle stretching of ligaments and fibrosis of the joint capsule, causing slight pain.

2nd degree – tearing of the capsule and ligaments with visible swelling of the joint. The child feels great pain and instability of the joint.
3rd degree – the most serious injury in which ligaments and joint capsule are torn. A large hematoma and swelling are visible, and the child is not able to strain the limb.

Moderate ankle sprains can occur at any time.

It is enough that the child does not warm up properly before the activity, and too much load on the joint causes stretching of muscles and ligaments. Then, it is necessary to immobilize the damaged joint and relieve it in a specialized
children’s ankle orthosis AM-OSS-05


    • Spraining and dislocation of the ankle joint,
    • Damage to ligaments of the joint,
    • Habitual ankle sprains,
    • Pain syndrome of the ankle joint and ligament apparatus,
    • Treatment after plaster immobilization (fractures),
    • Chronic instability and inflammation,
    • Prophylactic use in sports.



    • The construction

      is laced,
    • The use of side aluminum stiffeners,
    • Equipped with octal cross belts,
    • The product is skin-friendly and breathable,
    • In


      use of skin-friendly and innovative


      raw material,


    • The ability

      to independently adjust the level of compression of the product on the leg,
    • The possibility of using orthoses in any type of sports footwear,
    • The use of solid materials,
    • Stabilization of the ankle joint and prevention of ankle torsional injuries,
    • Equipped with dynamic octal cross belts, whose adjustable flexibility allows you to set the cube in the desired degree of pronation or supination,
    • Can be used as round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of the shoulder joint during many daily activities,
    • Class I medical device – the product is a registered and patented class I medical device.



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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.