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Children’s orthopedic shoulder-clavicle vest AM-KOB

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The mechanism of shoulder injuries that occur in children is different from that of adults. Despite similar causes of injuries (fall on the shoulder, impact), bone growth plate in children causes the appearance of rare and unique forms of shoulder injuries, and their surgical treatment requires specialized techniques.

The most common shoulder injuries in children include: shoulder dislocation, rupture of the labrum, multidirectional instability and the so-called “Little League’s elbow”. The most common symptoms of shoulder injuries are swelling, soreness and reduced joint mobility.

Treatment of the injury consists of the RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and immobilization. For this purpose, the AM-KOB children’s shoulder-clavicle orthosis will be perfect, which will perfectly protect the damaged shoulder immediately after the injury and surgery.


    • Shoulder injuries,
    • Dislocation of the shoulder,
    • Injuries of the collarbone,
    • Fractures in the humerus, ulna and forearm,
    • Spraining of the elbow joint,
    • The need for post-traumatic and postoperative immobilization of the shoulder, shoulder, elbow and forearm,
    • Soft tissue damage in the upper limb requiring immobilization (bruises, infections).



    • Made of the highest quality three-layer active material ACTIVdistance,
    • High comfort of use,
    • The orthosis consists of comfort foam and two very strong non-stretchable polyamide linings,
    • The anatomical shape of the orthosis,
    • Equipped with a special narrow rib strip,
    • Equipped with a forearm sling finished with Velcro for fastening,
    • Can be used on both the right and left shoulder.



    • Replaces traditional, heavy plaster dressings,
    • Ensuring excellent stabilization and high comfort of use,
    • Can be used as round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of the shoulder joint during many daily activities,
    • Registered and patented class I medical device,
    • Can be used on both right and left shoulder,
    • Breathable and skin-friendly,
    • Improved stabilization of the protected part of the body thanks to the inflexible raw material,
    • High comfort of use,
    • The anatomical shape does not allow you to perform micro movements within the diseased joint and perfectly stabilizes the arm,
    • A special narrow rib strip “locks” the arm in the adduction and internal rotation position,
    • Preventing unconditional shoulder visitation,
    • Ensuring safe and fast adhesion in case of fractures,
    • Forearm suspension provides additional stabilization and immobilization of the elbow joint,
    • Can be quickly detached.




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