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Correction apparatus Marcin II LUX

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It is a type of wedge that is inserted between the big toe and the other finger, used in the prevention and treatment of hallux valgus and in postoperative rehabilitation. The apparatus for use during walking, its regular use during the day gives the opportunity to prevent and treat hallux valgus.

The MARCIN II LUX camera comes with dowels, used depending on the extent of the defect.

Martin II is a corrective brace for everyday use, while walking. Improves the alignment of the first and second toes. It reduces painful pressure and reduces friction of fingers between each other. Recommended for patients with a defect in the initial stage.

MARCIN II LUX is made of more technologically advanced material – medical silicone. It is more comfortable, more delicate and at the same time retains high durability.

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