Dodaj do koszyka przedmioty i kup je szybko i wygodnie.


  1. How do I book an appointment for a presentation online?

Only logged-in users can schedule an online presentation.

After registering your account and accepting the necessary consents, log in to your account.

Następnie należy wyszukać odpowiedni produkt i kliknąć ikonę Dodaj do interaktywnej konsultacji.

A maximum of 3 products can be selected during one presentation. The number of added products is shown in the lower right corner.

Once you have added all the products you are interested in, click on the Show products then Arrange an interactive presentation. You will be taken to a page where you need to enter: phone number (necessary to confirm the date and time); proposed date of presentation (Note: the selected date is not binding and is subject to change); comments (Here you should provide any necessary comments that may be relevant during the presentation, e.g.: if there are significant medical conditions, or if, for example, the patient cannot use a microphone and will use chat during the presentation). Następnie należy zaznaczyć Zgodę na kontakt mailowy i telefoniczny i zatwierdzić przyciskiem Umów interaktywną prezentację.

Within 24 hours, our consultant will contact you to discuss the details and conduct a short survey on the presented products.

2. added 3 products and wanted to see 4

A maximum of 3 products can be added during 1 presentation. If you would like to see 4 products, please select 3, book a date and in the Notes enter the fourth product you are interested in (name/model) . Our representative (if time permits) will also talk briefly about the fourth product.

3. Can any product from your site be seen online?

Don’t. Only selected products we are able to show online. These are the products listed in the SHOWROOM tab and all products that have such an icon on their product card:

4. is a microphone necessary for the presentation?

We recommend that the person who arranges the presentation have a microphone on. This will make it easier to ask questions. In a situation where you do not have a microphone or for other reasons do not want to attach it, there is the possibility to ask questions via chat – unfortunately, this will severely limit the way of communication.

5. is a camera necessary for the presentation?

No, we do not require our clients to have the camera on.

6. is the presentation free?

Yes. The presentation is 100% free and does not oblige you to purchase the selected products.