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Playpak portable physiotherapy set Firefly Leckey

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Playpak is a portable therapy kit for infants and toddlers with special needs. It is suitable for infants and toddlers from birth to 4 years of age, but this largely depends on the level of physical development of the young patient. Playpak helps develop physical, cognitive, sensory and communication skills according to individual needs.

This lightweight bag, which transforms into a mat when unpacked, contains an entire activity center, an early intervention therapy kit. Inside you’ll find rollers, wedges and supports that can be combined in dozens of ways, allowing your child to practice various developmental positions that provide the building blocks for later skills. Various supports allow to achieve a huge variety of developmental positions such as; lying on the stomach, sitting on the floor, lying on the back and kneeling.

The Playpak set includes:

  • Fabric floor mat: the colorful floor mat has a fluffy lining, to which all items can be easily and securely attached and then detached;
  • long and short roll: these can be used on their own or with other pieces of kit to provide the right level of support for your chosen activity;
  • small and large horseshoe: these contoured pillows are designed to provide support for the baby’s lower and upper back, while allowing the hands to play freely;
  • Positioning belt and head restraint: additional support for stabilizing the toddler in front, behind or on the sides.

The set is available in one color version and one size.




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