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Interactive presentation

Make an appointment with our consultant for an individual online meeting to learn about all the possibilities of the product.

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What is an interactive presentation?

This is a revolutionary solution that will make it easier for the patient to choose the right product.

The presentation takes place live with the participation of our specialist, thanks to which the patient can ask bothering questions and get answers without undue delay. Thanks to the rotating platform (360°) and several high-resolution cameras, you can see every element of the product that interests you – without leaving your home

How does it work?

Select the products you want to see during the presentation

From the list of products indicated below, select up to 3 that you would like to see during the online presentation

Make an appointment with our expert at a convenient time

Book a convenient date. Our specialist will contact you and confirm the selected date and time.

Expert team in stores across the country

During the presentation, you can ask questions – the person conducting the presentation will meticulously answer even the most difficult questions.

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Our consultants will quickly help you order a presentation and answer your questions.

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Products available in the presentation

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Products available in the presentation

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