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Super Seni

Producent: Seni
Kod NFZ: Y.06.01 / Y.06.01
Najniższa cena: ( May 26, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Diapers designed for people with severe and very severe degree of urinary incontinence, mainly people lying down. Diapers have an absorbent insert (Fit & Dry) concentrated mainly in the central part, where the feeling of dryness is the most important. The Flexi 360° system for comfort and fit is made up of two factors. The first is consisting of two rows of adhesive fasteners provides the possibility of frequent unfastening of the diaper without fear of tearing the outer part. The second is waist welts built into the front and back of the diaper. Double absorbent cartridge and side frills reduce the risk of leakage. Information about the degree of diaper wear is provided by a built-in double absorbency indicator. The outer layer is a special breathable laminate that provides temperature regulation and air access, reducing the risk of chafes and bedsores. Available in the following absorbency levels:

Super Seni

6/ 9 drops

Super Seni Plus

7/ 9 drops

Super Seni Trio

8/ 9 drops

Super Seni Quatro

9 / 9 drops

Sizes (waist circumference):


40-60 cm


55-80 cm


75-110 cm


100-150 cm


130-170 cm

XXL 160-210 cm (only available in absorbency plus)




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