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Tena Pants Proskin

Producent: Tena
Kod NFZ: Y.06.01 / Y.06.01
Najniższa cena: ( February 15, 2023 : 3,94  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Diapers dedicated to mobile people who value comfort and safety. The FeelDry Advance technology used allows urine to be absorbed quickly and sealed away far from the surface of the skin. It keeps the skin dry and reduces the risk of flare-ups. The breathable material used ensures air circulation in the intimate areas, and also enables better care in people with incontinence. The product was dermatologically tested to ensure the best possible care for skin health. The diapers are accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. Tena ProSkin are recognized as skin-friendly, environmentally friendly. The diapers do not contain latex, so they are safe for every user.

Tena Pants ProSkin Normal: 5.5/ 8 drops,

Tena Pants ProSkin Plus: 6/8 drops,

Tena Pants ProSkin Super: 7/8 drops.

Diaper sizes (abdominal circumference):

S: 65-85 cm,

M: 80-110 cm,

L: 100-135 cm,

XL: 120-160 cm.




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