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Wheelchair made of light alloys smart F

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Wheelchair (
order no. 2.360) Dedicated to people who want to maintain independence and daily activity. Manoeuvrable trolley, lightweight, making every day easier.


cross-folded aluminium frame,

footrest integrated with the stroller frame,

front part of the frame with or without constriction,

3 frame lengths,

Backrest with belt tension adjustment,

seat cushion,

you can choose the size and type of front wheels,

a wide range of rear wheels on quick connectors,

• adjustment of the center of gravity,

Adjusting the angle and height of the seat,

kamber 0.5° or 3°,

aluminum or steel strings,

Vertical or horizontal pressure brakes,

active bacon,

one-piece footrest step,

shank belt,

Possibility to choose the colors of the frame and upholstery.


breathable upholstery on the back back and seat cushion,

different types of handles for pushing the trolley,

possibility of strings for Tetra- and Para- plegics,

numerous stabilizing elements: headrest, belt and vest,

leg abduction elements: belts, wedge,

support wheels,

spoke covers,

sleeping bag,


The stroller becomes versatile for any user thanks to its large range of accessories. Needs such as comfort, safety, lightness and elegance are met by this stroller.


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