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Wrist brace AM-OSN-U-01

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Wrist dislocation is a common injury in the hands of children and is associated with their greater life activity, mobility, lack of experience and safe habits.
Dislocation of the wrist occurs as a result of the displacement of the bone beyond the outline of the joint. Pain and limitation of mobility are strongly felt, especially on the dorsal side of the hand. During a wrist dislocation, damage to the joint capsule is very common. Untreated wrist dislocation causes long-term inflammation and pain, which is difficult to eliminate. Treatment of pain in the palmar part of the wrist joint includes rest, pharmacotherapy and immobilization in a specialist
children’s orthosis of the hand and forearm, such as: AM-OSN-U-01.


    • Fracture of the wrist,
    • Spraining of the wrist,
    • Dislocation of the wrist,
    • Inflammation of the wrist joint,
    • After a radiocarpal injury,
    • Overload changes,
    • Damage to the joint capsule,
    • Damage to the triangular cartilage complex,
    • Overload fracture.



    • Equipped with anatomically profiled aluminum palm splint,
    • It has three peripheral belts, running through the most important anatomical points of the upper limb,
    • Made of innovative raw material with

      AirSanmed medical certificates,

    • The thumb is free of stabilization, which allows the gripping functions of the hand.


    • Professional product dedicated to children,
    • The possibility of replacing traditional, heavy plaster dressings ensuring high comfort of use,
    • Used as round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of the shoulder joint during many daily activities,
    • The product is a registered and patented class I medical device,
    • And

      the ceramicly profiled aluminum splint perfectly stabilizes the child’s wrist-radial joint, protecting it against uncontrolled bending,

    • Skin-friendly, innovative and breathable,
    • The raw material is not flexible and does not stretch, which improves the stabilization of the protected part of the body,
    • Protection of the child’s skin against possible abrasions and creases from the aluminum rail,
    • Installation of a perforated medical laminate with a vapour permeable function, containing antibacterial components based on inorganic Silver Zeolite,
    • Protecting the child’s skin against abrasions and bruises as a result of contact with the delicate body of a small patient,
    • Additional stabilization from the dorsal side of the wrist and from the side of the forearm, thus protecting against uncontrolled visiting and bringing the wrist,
    • Excellent stabilization in the area of the entire Cortes.





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