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MoliCare Premium Mobile – absorbent panties

Producent: Hartmann
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Absorbent panties designed for people with medium and the most severe degree of urinary incontinence, who value comfort and safety during everyday activity. Absorbent panties absorb urine, leaving the skin dry, neutralize unpleasant odor.

The absorbent insert with a skin-neutral pH and the antibacterial properties of the panties provide protection for the intimate zones. The materials used have been dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic.

The anatomical shape and elastic welt ensure discretion through perfect adhesion to the body. The product exchange is indicated by a built-in humidity indicator. Absorbent panties are produced in a large range of absorbency:

Intermediate NTM grade (green) 5/ 10 drops

Severe NTM grade (blue) 6/ 10 drops

The most severe grade NTM (violet) 7/ 10 droplets

Severeest grade NTM (grey) all-night care 10/ 10 drops




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