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Abdominal belt DRQH6

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  • protection and stabilization after surgery in the abdominal cavity and in the postpartum period
  • after injuries or overloads of the abdominal and back muscles
  • prophylactically in people starting intensive sports training (especially in the initial period) or performing heavy physical work with weak abdominal muscles
  • after injuries or overloading of the abdominal and back muscles
  • in acute and chronic pain syndromes of the lumbar spine, caused by trauma, overload or degenerative changes



  • made of elastic band
  • fastening with Velcro
  • wide circuit range in a universal size
  • White



  • stabilization of the lumbar spine by strengthening the abdominal muscle wall
  • elastic pressure to reduce pain
  • Made of high quality elastic and breathable material
  • reducing the risk of hernias in postoperative scars
  • perfect fit to the patient’s body


Abdominal hernia is a condition in which parts of organs located in the abdomen move beyond its border. Over time, the hernia may increase in size and its symptoms increase. All types of abdominal hernia are manifested by elastic bulging, most often in the epigastric region, navel, groin or postoperative scar. This bulge is visible in the form of a hard and tense nodule that cannot be undone. It often causes abdominal pain, which is sometimes confused with peptic ulcer disease.

Hernia appears in moments of weakening of the abdominal wall. It occurs in children during growth and in the elderly. Hernia can be caused by high physical effort, especially that involving lifting. So you can get it by training intensively in the gym. People who are overweight, pregnant women and men with prostate hypertrophy, as well as people suffering from chronic constipation are also exposed to hernia.

An excellent solution, before the patient decides on surgery, is the use of an abdominal hernial belt.





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