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Ankle brace AM-ASS-OS

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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.


Falling foot This is a neurological disorder that prevents the dorsal flexion of the foot, i.e. elevation of the forefoot. It causes the fingers to rub against the ground during walking, which is why patients often compensate for the dysfunction by lifting the knee high or abduction of the limb in an arc.

A drooping foot is the result of flaccidity or paralysis of the extensor muscles of the foot. It can affect both legs and people of all ages. His treatment consists of rehabilitation and, as a last resort, surgery. However, special orthoses are most often used to improve the dynamics of the foot.

There are 3 main causes:

  • peroneal nerve injury

  • damage to the brain or spine

  • muscle damage


  • weakness or absence of dorsal flexion of the foot

  • drooping foot and ankle instability

  • It is also perfect for partial foot amputation (using a custom insole and shoe filling)

  • peripheral paresis (flaccid) of the foot

  • advanced degenerative changes of the ankle and tarsal joint combined with significant pain

  • in rehabilitation after severe ankle injuries treated conservatively and surgically



  • Handmade using carbon fabrics, carbon roving, resins and gelcoats and cevlar fabrics.

  • Carbon compression resistant and tear-resistant cevlar

  • made using the vacuum method, thanks to which they are devoid of internal pores and air bubbles weakening this type of products

  • The carbon foot in the front and heel parts has high elastic properties

  • detachable calf lining



  • stable rail support in the area of the front edge of the tibia. The support of the pelota in the area of the lower tibial tuberosity, in the area of the proximal tibia and fibula, makes the elastic forces accumulated by the orthosis in the loading phase almost entirely reflected in the knockout phase,

  • is not noticeable under clothes,

  • orthosis prevents the foot from falling during the transfer phase,

  • thanks to its elasticity, the back part of the carbon foot cushions the patient’s foot at the moment of contact with the ground, while expanding facilitates its realignment, the front part of the foot absorbs energy in the loading phase and gives it back, supporting the knockout phase,

  • efficiency, dynamics and aesthetics of gait improve,

  • The patient lifts the foot and the entire lower limb much lower in the transfer facie thanks to which he is able to cover longer distances on foot

  • The orthosis prevents the toe from hooking on obstacles





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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.