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Ankle brace AM-OSS-03

Producent: Reh4Mat
Kod NFZ: H.01.01
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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.

Damage to the ankle ligaments can occur during an ankle sprain, and these are the most common ligaments in our body that are exposed to this type of damage. In the ankle joint we distinguish 3 main ligaments:

  • anterior ankle-fibula ligament (ATFL),
  • posterior ankle-fibula ligament (PTFL),
  • calcaneal-fibula ligament (CFL).

When a child during a fall, impact or improper position of the foot on the ground, exceeds the range of physiological mobility of the ankle joint, then a sprain occurs. Then, there is excessive stretching and often tearing or complete rupture of the soft tissues of the joint, i.e. ligaments and joint capsule. The child feels tremendous pain, the ankle swells, and the position of the foot and the attempt to load it borders on a miracle. In this case, there is nothing to wait for and it is necessary to immobilize the ankle joint. The doctor may order a traditional heavy plaster cast or prescribe a light, anatomically profiled children’s
ankle orthosis


    • Damage to ankle ligaments,
    • Spraining and dislocation of the ankle joint,
    • Habitual ankle sprains,
    • Pain syndrome of the ankle joint and ligament apparatus,
    • Treatment after plaster immobilization (fractures),
    • Chronic instability and inflammation,
    • Prophylactic use in sports.



    • Designed for the youngest,
    • Comfortable lacing system equipped with shoe hooks,
    • Excellent ankle stabilization,
    • Made of the highest quality innovative


      raw material,

    • ActivSpace

      is a spatial polymid 3D material with skin ventilation function, which is light and spacious, consisting of two layers of cover knitted fabrics separated from each other by polyamide interlaces 4 mm wide,

    • A side stiffening made of plastic was used,
    • Equipped with octal cross belts finished with special handles,
    • The upper part of the orthosis has a wide circumferential belt,
    • The total height of the orthosis: 1 – 17 cm / 2 – 19 cm.



    • Flexible raw material improving the stabilization of the protected part of the body,
    • Free air migration oxygenating the surface of the skin and receiving drops of sweat appearing there from its surface,
    • Excellent joint stabilization and perfect fit to the shape of the limb,
    • Stabilization of the ankle joint in all possible planes,
    • Lace-up fastening system to help the child quickly put on the orthosis independently,
    • Immobilization and stabilization of the ankle joint during many daily activities,
    • The product is a registered and patented class I medical device,
    • Skin-friendly, ecological, breathable, innovative and cotton.



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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.