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Dynamic ankle orthosis AM-OSS-12

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Ankle sprain is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor. This is especially true for physically active people. Skewing of the joint occurs when the mobility of the joint is exceeded.

There are three degrees of skecing:

  • I degree – gentle stretching of ligaments, combined with a hematoma and swelling,
  • II degree – strong stretching of ligaments, often combined with their tearing,
  • III degree – complete rupture of ligaments, causing joint failure and pain and large swelling.

The AM-OSS-12 stabilizer is recommended for active people for prophylaxis against sprains. The use of dynamic raw material and thin construction makes the orthosis fit in any type of footwear. The stiffening elements are contoured and are located on both sides to protect the ankle joint. The orthosis adapts to the anatomical ankle and with the help of multidirectional flexibility, the pressure on the joint is evenly distributed. Soft material provides comfort while wearing, and strong elastic bands protect the joint against possible injury.


  • ankle sprain,
  • chronic instability of the ankle joint,
  • other ankle and foot injuries with recurrent or excessive swelling,
  • osteoarthritis of the ankle and foot,
  • stabilization in moderate and chronic ankle injuries.





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