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Anti-decubitus mattress Viscoflex with different density

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Anti-decubitus mattress Viscoflex with an anatomical element, of varying density – multi-surface.

Advantages of the Viscoflex mattress:

  • Molded single-section mattress made of highly elastic foam with memory effect.
  • Equipped with an anatomical element made of highly elastic material.
  • Compatible with single and multi-section beds.
  • Easy to maintain hygiene.
  • Precisely adapts to the body for maximum contact area
  • It provides pressure reduction in high-risk places, promotes circulation.
  • It improves comfort and stabilizes the patient.
  • The forming process increases the resistance of the mattress to external factors (crushing, friction).
  • High density ensures long-term use without deformation.
  • Rounded corners make it easy to install additional devices in the bed.

The mattress is additionally equipped with a special insert (white element with lower density), which is designed to protect the heels. It enables better pressure distribution from a lower density area to a higher density area.


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