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Anti Snoring Rehabilitation Pillow

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Anti Snoring rehabilitation pillow against snoring

  • Prevents snoring
  • Double-sided massaging surface
  • Ideal for sleeping on the side and on the back

This is a unique pillow that prevents snoring. Its shape is designed to support the head and neck while sleeping in a position that reduces blockage of the respiratory passages and enables easier and quieter breathing. The central part of the pillow is lower and thinner than the side parts, so as to ensure a correct sleeping position in which the head and spine are kept in one line regardless of the body position adopted during sleep.



Made of “memory foam” that adapts to the shape of the body in response to its heat and pressure. The foam slowly returns to its shape and evenly distributes body weight, ensuring a comfortable sleep by providing adequate support for the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. Prevents snoring, eliminates back pain. The pillow is allergy-friendly, as the memory foam does not promote the growth of dust mites.

The pillow has a two-sided contoured massaging surface in a waffled or striped form, the shape of which further promotes proper air circulation.

The pillow is a medical device created using lightweight and durable materials, developed on the basis of modern design principles. The memory foam under the influence of body heat perfectly adapts to the shapes of the body, thereby increasing the support surface. Excellent conditions are created for relieving the pressure on the muscular, ligamentous and joint structures in the cervical spine, to which it also provides stabilization. In addition to physiotherapeutic and physical therapy measures, the pillow is a recognized primary health intervention for cervical spine dysfunctions.


  • Relief of cervical spine pain
  • Prevention of muscle tension and discopathy formation in the cervical region
  • Counteracting sleep deprivation, leading to cardiovascular disease, weakened immunity, lowered mood
  • Support for rehabilitation of the spine and muscles in the cervical region
  • Maintaining sufficiently long and effective sleep time
  • Recommendations to relieve pressure on the cervical vertebrae to preserve the natural curvature of the spine


  • Users with serious cervical spine conditions or established lesions should consult a doctor or physiotherapist before first use.



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