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CPAP apnea camera Devilbiss Blue Auto Plus with humidifier

Kod NFZ: U.02.01
Najniższa cena: ( June 15, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Automatic CPAP device with expiratory relief and data recording, has an
algorithm detecting the phase of breathing and respiratory events (snoring, restriction of air flow through the respiratory tract, shallow breathing, obstructive apnea, central apnea, awakenings caused by increased respiratory effort, periodic breathing).

It is equipped with an exhaust relief function – SmartFlex – allowing to reduce the pressure in the initial phase of exhaust. In addition, it has
a gradual pressure build-up (RAMP) function that makes it easier to fall asleep and the ability to record data on the device and on an SD memory card.

The unique SmartCode function allows you to analyse, save and print reports via the website or from the SmartLink software. It has
a menu in Polish.

It is possible to connect a wireless pulse oximeter to the camera.


  • mains power supply: 100 – 240 V, possibility of using 12 V power supply (also with humidifier)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 15.5 x 15 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 0,9 kg
  • Noise: 26 dB(A)
  • operating pressure range: 3 – 20 hPa, adjustable in 0.5 hPa steps

You can read more about sleep apnea here


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