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Anatomic elbow ball with soft grip

Kod NFZ: S.05.01
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ANATOMIC crutches are used as auxiliary equipment in movement and in motor rehabilitation of the lower limbs with recommendations to relieve the musculoskeletal system. They have semi-elliptical fixed forearm clamps and anatomical soft handles, made of hand-friendly material to protect against corns.

The height is adjusted using the button or clip button. The anti-slip rubber cap has a steel insert, retains flexibility at low temperatures.

Notes for users:

To extend the service life of soft rubber handles, they should be regularly washed with warm water using soap or a mild detergent.
It should be remembered that the contact of rubber with fat or afterwards accelerates its wear.

When replacing rubber handles, before putting them on, they should be slightly moistened with water, this will help to settle them more easily on the handle shaft. Then the locking sleeve should be installed and tightened thoroughly with the mounting screw.

Scope of use:

-Min. 76 cm from the ground to the handle handle
-.max. 96 cm from the ground to the handle handle

– height adjustment every 2.5 cm
-.max. load up to 130 kg


black, blue, burgundy, green, grey


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