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Bunito Duo Hallux Correcting Apparatus

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Apparatus for active correction of hallux valgus. The double-hinged design of the Bunito Duo splint allows the joint to move, making it possible to correct the alignment of the toe during gait. The Bunito Duo brace can be used in mild to moderate lesions and in post-operative rehabilitation.

The best therapeutic effect is achieved when the device is used during gait. Use the device for 4 to 6 hours during the day. It can also be used at night.

1. toe band – corrects the alignment of the toe by pulling it away from the other toes and putting it in the correct position
2. soft insole – relieves pain, in addition, it can be cooled and used to help reduce inflammation in the joint
3. smart joint – hinged design allows movement in the joint, so you can walk in the apparatus. Bunito Duo rail has a double-hinged design
4. metatarsal brace – brings metatarsal bones closer together reducing transverse flat feet – restores proper function of the long flexor muscle of the toe.

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