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Cervical collar Schantz type orthopedic collar (NT-BAC) DRQA0B

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  • arthrosis
  • degenerative changes of the cervical spine combined with neurological symptoms (dizziness, cervical radiculopathy, balance disorders and paresthesia of the upper limbs)
  • dysfunctions of the cervical region and shoulders in acute and chronic pain syndromes, requiring relative immobilization
  • in torticollis caused by various causes
  • discopathy
  • headaches and tinnitus of cervical origin
  • healing of bruises, sprains
  • inflammation and overload of the musculoskeletal system of the cervical spine
  • Other pain syndromes



  • soft orthopedic collar made of polyurethane foam
  • fastening and adjusting the circumference with Velcro



  • anatomically profiled
  • immobilization of the cervical spine
  • white or gray color
  • antibacterial and antifungal collar sheathing
  • Thanks to the availability of different sizes, the size of the collar can be adjusted to the patient’s needs


When there is a spinal injury in the cervical spine, it is necessary to stiffen it properly. Properly adapted to the type of injury, the orthopedic collaruncovers and stabilizes the cervical spine, protecting against further injuries of the cervical spine and spinal cord. As a rule, it is used after accidents and during various therapies.

Orthopedic collars are divided into 3 types:

-Schantz, a soft collar that is designed for longer use

-Florida, a little stiffer than Schantzy

-Campa (also called Philadelphia), this is the collar with the largest stiffening and usually consists of two parts

Cervical orthoses are usually made of polyurethane foam and have Velcro fastening.




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