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Toilet and bath chair Heron

Producent: R82 / Convaid
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Heron is one of the most unusual toilet and bath chairs on the market. Simple design and fresh look hide many functional features that improve the comfort of the user and the work of the caregiver.

The chair is dynamic, which means that the seat as well as the backrest can be reclined without discomfort to the user. The innovative solution consists in maintaining the physiological movement of the pelvis and spine when adjusting the backrest relative to the seat.

Heron can be used as a freestanding device with a bucket, directly above the toilet or as a bath chair in the shower.

Smoothly adjustable height functions (51 – 78 cm), reclining seat and backrest ensure optimal working conditions for the caregiver. For greater safety, it is equipped with four locking road wheels.

The Heron is supplied with a narrow backrest to ensure freedom of movement. For additional stability and comfort, you can additionally install swing-out side pads or upholstered sides supporting the arms.

Heron comes in one size.



R82 / Convaid


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