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Children’s finger orthosis AM-D-02

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Dislocation of the finger of the hand.

The most common dislocations within the fingers of the hand include dislocations of the metacarpophalangeal joints within the II and V fingers.

In children, dislocations of the interphalangeal joints of the II-V fingers are also very common .  A seemingly insignificant fall on an outstretched finger is enough for individual phalanges to move relative to each other. These sprains are also accompanied by damage to ligaments and tendons of muscles.

Treatment of a dislocated finger consists in its setting and immobilization, preferably specialized 

children’s hand orthosis AM-D-02




    • Dislocation of the joints of the fingers II-V,

    • Spraining II, III, IV or V of the finger of the hand,

    • Fracture of the phalanges of the fingers of the hand II-V,

    • Inflammation of the fingers of the hand II-V,

    • Tendon damage in the fingers of the hand II-V,

    • Damage and rupture of ligaments within the fingers of the hand II-V,

    • Rheumatic changes of the fingers of the hand II-V.



    • Versatility – the orthosis can be used on both the right and left hand,

    • Equipped with an aluminum finger rail, which can be freely educated,

    • The orthosis has an open construction,

    • The use of three circumferential straps, which have a captive function along their entire length and are finished with a Velcro fastener,

    • Made of innovative raw material with AirSanmed medical certificate,

    • The product is skin-friendly and breathable.



    • Dexcellent immobilization and stabilization of the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints and metacarpophalangeal joints of the II-V fingers, i.e.: small, ring, middle and    index (it is not used for stiffening the thumb),

    • The material is not elastic and does not stretch , which improves the stabilization of the protected part of the body,

    • Breathable cotton terry fabric located next to the skin is skin-friendly and has 

      Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate


    • Protection of the child’s skin against possible abrasions and creases from the aluminum rail,

    • Alternative plaster – orthosis replaces traditional, heavy plaster dressings, providing excellent stabilization and high comfort of use,

    • Can be used as round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of the finger,

    • Class I medical device – the product is a registered and patented class I medical device,

    • The plasticity of the aluminum finger splint allows the setting of the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints in extension or flexion , depending on the therapeutic needs, 

    • The possibility of adjusting in such a way as to reflect the patient’s anatomical shapes as much as possible,

    • The ability to place anywhere and ensure immobilization and stabilization of the individual four fingers of the hand: small, ring, middle and   index.




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