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BC 300 Maxi 2in1 Microlife Electric Breast Pump

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The Microlife BC 300 Maxi electronic breast pump is used for easy self-expressing breast milk at home.  Expressing milk with a breast pump prevents painful milk build-up and helps relieve pain associated with cracked nipples.

The dual pumping system is the perfect solution to save half the time by expressing milk from two breasts at the same time. In addition, expressing milk from two breasts at the same time is more efficient and can even increase the production capacity of the milk. The breast pump has a stimulation function for expressing flat or inverted nipples, which facilitates natural feeding.

The Microlife breast pump also allows you to store expressed milk in a bottle, e.g. in cases  of staying away from the baby for a long time .

Mode 1 is for one-sided pumping. In the case of double-sided extraction, the necessary accessories must be connected. To switch to duplex mode, press + and – simultaneously for 3 seconds until the display shows the mode change to 2. 

Product features:

  • a memory function that recalls the last program used ,
  • adapted to single and double expressing,
  • 10 pumping modes,
  • ease of use,
  • Large display for easy use.




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