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E-mpulse wheelchair operator assistance device

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Najniższa cena: ( 2023-10-04 : 9617,00  )
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E-mpulse R20, is a folding device, assisted guidance by an assistant, which fits most wheelchairs (box frame, frame tube diameter 22-28 mm).

Easy to transport, handle and store.

The snap-on fastening system makes it possible to immobilize the cart for transport without any tools. Only a small mounting pin remains with the cart, ensuring a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing design.

Modern design, quick disassembly. Simple and safe transportation possible without disconnecting wires.

Adjustable speed on three levels-maximum 5 km/h, for this 250 W motor . Simple on/off – pressing a button drives the device. The 5.8 Ah lithium-ion battery, with an assured two-year warranty, allows the user to drive 15 kilometers. The R20 booster also comes with an extended motor warranty (3 years).

The easy-to-read display shows the battery capacity and speed range.

Autonomous driving is possible, without dismantling the device, which gives the user a sense of independence.



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