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Elbow pro MQC3G elbow orthosis

Producent: MDH
Kod NFZ: L.049
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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.


  • fracture of the humerus, ulna or radius
  • rehabilitation, treatment, treatment of damaged joint structures, requiring limitation of pronation movements and supination of the forearm, with regulation of flexion and extension movements in the elbow joint
  • protection of the elbow joint after surgery
  • sprains or dislocations
  • instability
  • degenerative changes
  • extension of the elbow joint
  • Inflammation
  • muscle damage
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • chronic elbow injuries
  • pain syndromes of overload origin
  • after reconstruction of collateral ligaments
  • changes in rheumatoid origin



  • apparatus equipped with a single splint and a clock, regulating the range of motion in the elbow joint every 10º
  • additional strap to support and relieve the supplied limb
  • length and circumference adjustment
  • additional option available, i.e. hand grip (Elbow Pro Plus version)
  • One-sided, right or left orthosis
  • Black
  • adjustable camera length from 34 to 43 cm



  • change in the range of motion in the elbow joint as the rehabilitation process progresses
  • the ability to immobilize the joint in the desired position thanks to the timer with adjustable angle
  • length adjustment, it is possible to easily and quickly lengthen or shorten the orthopedic splint without the use of tools
  • very easy rail adjustment, consisting in pressing a button located on the surface of the regulator and extending the rail to the appropriate length
  • assistance in treatment by relieving, immobilizing and controlling the range of motion of the elbow joint, caused by fractures or sprains of the joint
  • the hand grip in the Elbow Pro Plus


    allows you to protect the forearm against unwanted pronation and supination

  • one size fits all



An extension injury to the elbow joint occurs in the case of its excessive straightening, which causes the destruction of ligaments, tendons or bones within the joint. Excessive extension of the elbow as a result leads to its dislocation or fracture. The injury usually occurs as a result of a fall or stopping the speeding body on straightened elbows, which can cause the elbow to bend in the wrong direction, its dislocation and rupture of ligaments, or jamming of bones.
Dislocation of the joint causes the bones that make up the joint to change their natural position. The injury changes the shape of the joint, there is swelling and severe pain. Often a bruise appears at the site of injury, because inside the joint there was vascular destruction and haemorrhage.

To prevent such injuries and protect against their negative effects, stabilizing orthopedic orthoses should be used. Our anatomical elbow brace with elastic splints is perfect for this purpose.




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This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.