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Elbow brace open rail OKG-04

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Kod NFZ: L.050
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Elbow canal syndrome, also known as elbow neuropathy, is the result of increasing compression of the ulnar nerve, which runs within the nerve sulcus at the level of the medial epicondyle of the humerus.

People who have a bent elbow for a long time, e.g. during a phone call or while sleeping with their hand under the pillow or if they often lean on the elbow on a hard surface, are extremely vulnerable to elbow canal syndrome.

In addition, ulnar nerve canal syndrome is very well known among physically active people who perform elbow torsion movements and ejections leading to ligament damage. This condition often occurs among baseball players and handball players.

The main symptoms of ulnar groove syndrome are a feeling of numbness in the elbow and a feeling of pain. Patients also complain of characteristic tingling, especially in the area of the little and ring finger. Untreated ulnar canal syndrome can cause very serious complications, i.e. weakening of the grip or typical deformity of the hand in ulnar neuropathy, in which the IV and V fingers take an unnatural flexion position in the interphalangeal joints and extension in the metacarpophalangeal joint.

With ulnar canal syndrome, surgery, as a rule, is the last resort, and treatment comes down to conservative measures. The most effective is the combination of physical therapy with the use of an appropriate orthosis, not allowing excessive bending of the elbow and preventing elbow canal syndrome.


  • ulnar nerve canal syndrome / ulnar canal groove syndrome / ulnar neuropathy

  • fracture of the elbow joint

  • sprains / dislocations of the elbow joint

  • deformities of the elbow joint

  • Postoperative period of the elbow

  • flexion contractures of the elbow


  • Open elbow rail orthosis

  • The orthosis has aluminum stalks, the shape of which can be freely modified, at the same time preventing the elbow from bending

  • The elbow orthosis is made of the pioneering three-layer UniPren raw material, consisting of an external elastic polyamide cover knit with self-adhesive function, an inner neoprene foam core and an elastic jersey cover knitwear.

  • This material is characterized by very high elasticity and softness.

  • This raw material is waterproof.

  • The product is equipped with narrow cuffs of the arm and forearm.


  • prevention of elbow canal syndrome by setting the elbow in the right position,

  • Reduction of pressure generated on the ulnar nerve, by reducing and decompressing pain thanks to aluminum slats preventing the elbow from bending,

  • Perfect for use during sleep, when we unconsciously bend the wrist for a long time, causing compression of the ulnar nerve,

  • The strongest and most effective orthosis stabilization thanks to UniPren raw material,

  • A very important advantage of the UniPren raw material from which the orthosis is made is that the knitted weaves do not imprint on the patient’s skin and do not cause wounds in places with high compression because it is not a knitted product, so it does not have thick fibers

  • The open design facilitates the use of the device and allows it to perfectly adapt to the shape of the patient’s body.

  • The orthosis is perfect for the postoperative period and the uncovered elbow facilitates postoperative care and allows for easy replacement of dressings, without having to remove the orthosis from the limb

  • The product is also an excellent product for people suffering from increased muscle tone and spastic paralysis because it allows to reduce flexion spasticity of the joint in the event of a stroke or other neurological diseases,

  • Thanks to the splints allowing for a smooth change of the angle of the limb, the orthosis qualifies as a product refunded under the L.050 code




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