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Orca electric bath lift

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The electric bath lift, Aquatec Orca fits most bathtub models on the market. The applied solutions guarantee safety during bathing, ensuring the possibility of using the bathtub safely and comfortably. Solid construction and the ability to operate the device with one hand increases the comfort of use.

Orca enables a comfortable and relaxing bath for people who are unable to get in and out of the bath on their own, or sit safely in it. It was created for the elderly and disabled. It is universal, easy to use and install, giving people with limited mobility a chance to increase the level of independence.

It has feet with a suction cup, preventing slipping.

After use, it can be quickly and easily folded for storage or transport.

Orca is characterized by a stable, durable frame that has:

  • high-power, maintenance-free drive system;
  • high backrest with formed headrest, reclining to 40 degrees;
  • comfortable ergonomic remote control, staying on the water;
  • a set of removable covers that can be washed in a washing machine;
  • seamless surface structure, allowing the use of the lift without coverage;
  • optimally formed bottom plate, providing more space in the bath;
  • Patented breather valve system.



The shipping date depends on the current stock levels. If you care about the shipping date, please contact us before paying for the order to determine whether the stock levels allow quick implementation! Possible waiting from 1 to 21 days!


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