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Active foot orthosis sole for falling foot

Producent: Reh4Mat
Najniższa cena: ( February 16, 2024 : 258,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

The AM-OSS-25 foot orthosis helps restore lost functions by actively supporting the lifting movement of the foot.

It perfectly improves the dynamics of the patient’s gait, because it has been equipped with a semi-rigid plantar insole supporting the lifting of the foot and improving its placement


  • paresis, weakening of the extensors of the foot
  • flaccid foot
  • condition after stroke or stroke
  • Sclerosis
  • amputation of the toes or forefoot

The orthosis is made of UniPren™ raw material, which is characterized by softness and very high elasticity as well as extremely effective compression.


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