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Iceross Seal-In X silicone funnel

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Seal-In silicone funnel for a wider range of users. The Iceross Seal-In X is easy to use even for less active users who may have problems with hand dexterity.

The sleeveless design has a separate sealing ring that can be adjusted for optimal hold, regardless of the shape of the limb. It can also be moved as needed to increase comfort. The special seamless fabric extends appropriately over the kneecap to flex the knee, and the soft but durable silicone compound helps nurture delicate skin.

Types of sealing rings:

  • X-Classic – the classic stamp of the day
  • X-Grip – for good speed control
  • X-Volume – provides greater volume reduction

The sealing rings can be renewed, without the need for a new liner.

Sizes: 16,18,20,22,23, 25,25, 25,28, 32,34, 36,40

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