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Hinged knee stabilizer Z-13 Breg

2175 wrapped

2173 Retractable

The ShortRunner orthosis provides exceptional control and stabilization in cases of ligament damage and instability. Polycentric timers allow adjustment and extension control from 10° to 40°, in 10° increments and flexion range control from 45° to 90°, in 15° increments. Four tapes provide patients with more pressure and stabilization.
Orthosis made of Airmesh material, which is characterized by exceptional lightness and provides air permeability. Recommended for people who need to wear the stabilizer for a long time.

Used for:
• most injuries and injuries associated with ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL
• meniscus injuries
• osteoarticular degeneration to a small extent.
• made of Airmesh material (breathable, lightweight)
• Neoprene version available
• straps running around the leg for a better fit
• Open/wrapped design for easy insertion
and taking off
• Shorter design for comfort

Two models to choose from:

  • Airmash Addictive
  • Airmash Wrapped

Size – 15 cm above the kneecap
1 XS 30 – 38 cm
2 S 38 – 46 cm
3 MD 46 – 53 cm
4 LG 53 – 61 cm
5 XL 61 – 69 cm
6 XXL 69 – 79 cm

We measure 15 cm above the central part of the patella.


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