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C-Leg 4 knee joint

Producent: Ottobock
Najniższa cena: ( 2023-10-04 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niedostępny

The C-Leg is the safest microprocessor-controlled knee joint, making it extremely reliable. No other mechatronic lower limb prosthesis is used by so many users around the world. Since 1997, as many as 75,000 thigh-level amputees have chosen this prosthesis. It dynamically adapts to a variety of everyday situations – from stairs and ramps to different surfaces and walking backwards. A built-in trip control mechanism provides even more safety on a daily basis. Users intuitively assume a relaxed standing position with the knee joint slightly bent.
A new option is available to control the prosthesis via an app on Apple (iOS) and Android devices.



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