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Knee brace with splints AM-OSK-Z/2RA

Producent: Reh4Mat
Kod NFZ: J.039
Najniższa cena: ( June 15, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność
Closed type orthosis AM-OSK-Z/2RA is a professional medical device kl. And improving gait efficiency, used to rehabilitate knee joint injuries.

It was made of structural raw material ACTIV PREN. Thanks to the use of the AIR SUPPLY SYSTEM system consisting in the internal perforation of the soft element of the orthosis, the product has the property of freer skin breathing and moisture wicking to the outside of the orthosis.

One of the most popular products in a wide range of knee braces, produced by Reh4Mat. It owes its popularity to practicality and convenience of use as well as aesthetic performance combined with excellent solutions protecting and supporting the knee joint. An additional advantage is the possibility of NFZ reimbursement.

The orthosis recommended for protection after a period of proper treatment or for treatment, is equipped with the best 2-RA hinges and a closed structure. This allows you to maintain the desired biomechanics of the knee joint while providing the necessary support. Wide hinge adjustment and lightweight construction make the use easy to use, and removable rails and the use of activpren material allow for hygiene and comfort of use.

Product features:

  • orthosis with a closed structure – put on by the foot,
  • innovative 2RA hinges currently best reflect the biomechanics of the knee joint,
  • hinges have adjustable bending angle in the ranges: 30, 55, 75, 95 and 110 degrees and extension angle adjustment in the ranges: 15 and 75 degrees,
  • orthosis made of Activpren material,
  • the orthosis has functional handles supporting putting on,
  • side rails are made of light metal alloy,
  • The splints have the ability to remove the orthosis on the part of cleaning.


  • degeneration of the knee joint,
  • rheumatoid changes,
  • injuries to ligaments and meniscus,
  • slight hyperextension,
  • instability of the knee.



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