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Skeletal knee brace ATOM 1R

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Knee injuries are the main orthopaedic conditions in the world and often involve damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). In the United States alone, 80,000 to 100,000 injuries to this ligament are reported annually. Functional knee braces are designed to protect the knee before and after injury.

Knee injury occurs as a result of many contact and non-contact forces acting on it. Crooked or varus of the knee, which leads to damage to the ACL ligament, occurs as a result of contact of external force with the knee, e.g. by hitting the side of the knee.

Most ACL injuries are non-contact and can occur even during a simple sports maneuver. The biomechanics of injury involves rotation of the knee joint and anterior translation of the tibia.


  • They are intended in particular for people practicing sports with an increased risk of ACL ligament injuries.

  • Moderate to severe ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instability,

  • Rehabilitation after ACL or PCL ligament reconstruction,

  • Combined ACL/PCL injuries,

  • Extension of the knee joint,


  • It is an orthosis with a four-point support system, made of high quality aluminum alloy, hot-coated with powder paint,

  • It has two anatomical clocks 1R, which allow you to adjust the range of motion of the joint every 15 degrees,

  • The ultra-strong front-rear frame of the orthosis is made of lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum used in aviation

  • Orthopedic clocks made of high quality galvanized steel and aluminum alloy hot coated with a durable powder coating,

  • Constructed from three-layer waterproof AirDistance II material consisting of a very strong polyamide cover fabric with self-adhesive function, relieving EVA foam and polyamide 3D spatial knitwear.

  • six stabilizing belts with anti-migration cushions with silicone that prevent the orthosis from sliding on the limb,

  • 1R orthodesign clock with a diameter not exceeding 30 mm with adjustable bending angle and extension every 15 degrees. The adjustment is made by means of inserted steel rivets, which for ease are removed from the angle sockets using the magnet attached to the orthosis,

  • It has 4 points of support:

The 1-point is fitted on the front of the thigh through a strong aluminum frame.

The 2-point is located on the back side of the calf and acts on the limb through the frame.

The 3-point is a tape mounted above the knee on the back of the thigh.

The 4-point is a tape attached to the front side of the lower leg, which creates the so-called initial load on tibia tuberosity by moving the tibia slightly back, which in effect reduces ACL tension.



  • Thanks to 4-point technology:

        • ACL tension is reduced (especially important during rehabilitation during transplant remodeling) and the knee is protected,

        • The time of stay of the joint in the submaximal extension position or in the so-called the ‘dangerous’ position,

        • the pressure force on the tibia towards the rear is increased to prevent its anterior displacement,

        • the extension shock felt by the patient in the last phase of knee extension is eliminated, 100% prevent ACL ligament rupture.

        • The potential clearance of the graft is reduced, especially in cases of intensive rehabilitation and training.

        • The orthosis protects the ligaments of the knee joint very strongly

        • During rehabilitation, more “aggressive treatment” can be allowed, protecting the ligament along with the weakened site of its implantation.

  • very strong protection of knee ligaments,

  • the orthosis is protected against moisture and is indifferent to water, patient’s sweat and salt due to the fact that the frame has been hot-coated with a durable powder coating,

  • reduced risk of ACL ligament injuries and protection of the joint against dangerous extension thanks to adjustable 1R ortgodesign clocks,

  • thanks to the ratchet system in the locking ring, the set bending or extension angle will not automatically adjust,

  • The product does not require maintenance, because the clocks use Teflon spacers that do not require lubrication,

  • Maximum safety and security while maintaining a small footprint

  • eliminates the negative effect of anterior tibia translation (drawer effect),

  • thanks to a significant reduction in tension – and not a complete reduction in both sitting and standing, we can observe a beneficial effect of small physiological tensions on the healing cruciate ligament,

  • The orthosis is very effective. Protects the knee joint from damage during daily and sports activities,

  • Before the surgery, it minimizes the risk of additional soft tissue damage, and after the procedure, it secures the transplant for the entire period of its remodeling / reconstruction (about 12-18 months).

  • Easy adjustment of the product thanks to the outer layer of raw material made of very strong polyamide cover fabric with self-adhesive function and free fixing of all orthopedic stiffeners on it through the self-adhesive function,

  • negative impact of orthopedic stiffeners on the patient’s body compensated by EVA relief foam.

  • internal 3D fabric with a spatial structure, provides free air flow, which oxygenates the skin and causes sweat on its surface to evaporate much faster.





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