Dodaj do koszyka przedmioty i kup je szybko i wygodnie.

Choosing a prosthesis

Among the many solutions for amputees are unusual, high-tech prosthetic limbs or limb fragments. Thanks to them, we have a chance to regain the maximum level of physical fitness and the optimal level of activity every day. But what if we are not satisfied with playing sports, or living life at high speed, to the extent that we would enjoy having a prosthesis that no one will pay attention to…?

Silcon like skin

The Livingskin prosthesis is designed to provide maximum discretion – it is almost unnoticeable, difficult to distinguish from a real limb. Livingskin products are handcrafted from high-quality silicone and hand-painted to perfectly reflect skin tone and appearance. The Livingskin range designs prostheses for customers with the need to replace missing fingers, hands, arms, as well as toes and whole feet. Each prosthesis is custom-painted to match the unique features and individual needs of each customer, who thus receives the most realistic, aesthetically pleasing and functional passive restoration. Features such as hair, freckles or even tattoos are also being introduced during the implementation phase.


How real? Visually yes

In addition to the realistic appearance of Livingskin products, it is important to remember that this type of prosthesis, although passive, still has important functional properties. This includes activities such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and writing. However, choosing such a prosthesis, most of the activities of daily life will have to be performed with the non-amputee limb; a passive prosthesis will relieve very little of the burden. The choice of cosmetic prosthesis must always depend on individual needs. If it were to make us comfortable without the prying eyes and possible comments of those around us, it’s definitely worth it!

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