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QMED foot massage mat

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Qmed Foot Massage Mat – Foot massage mat

  • Ideal for corrective foot exercises
  • Great for daily massage of the lower extremities
  • Helpful in reducing perceived stress and mental fatigue

The foot massage mat stimulates the foot, improves metabolism and blood circulation, relieves neuralgia and muscle fatigue. Using a foot massage mat positively affects the user’s perception of a state of relaxation. The mat through its form imitates the natural environment, causing an impact similar to walking on pebbles, cones, sticks. It stimulates and induces reflex defensive contractions of short muscles in the feet, which leads to their gradual strengthening, resulting in correct longitudinal and transverse arches in the feet and correction of heel valgus. The mat is one component of the corrective gymnastics process. Easily rolled up and lightweight to carry.

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