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Top mattress – Memory Mattress Topper 90x200x4 cm

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Profiled Surface Mattress Standard

Dimensions: 90x200x4 cm

  • Perfect fit for your body
  • Optimal support for a physiological sleeping position
  • Maximum relaxation due to proper pressure distribution
  • Reduction of pain in the spine, back, neck

A contoured topper mattress ideal for use as an orthopedic topper over a standard mattress to reduce pressure, improve sleep and rest comfort.

Made of memory foam, which adapts to the shape of the body under the influence of its temperature and weight. The spine has the option of the positioning that is most physiologically and orthopedically correct for it.

The mattress provides a state of relaxation for the entire body by properly supporting the musculoskeletal system.

Especially recommended for chronic pain in the spine, back and neck. It can be used in the prevention of bedsores. Ideal for beds with electric, field electric and manual adjustable frames.


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