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Multifunction device Dalmatian Invento Akces Med

Producent: Akces-med
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Najniższa cena: ( 2023-12-07 : 6715,00  )

Multifunctional device with a wide range of applications in the rehabilitation process. Dedicated to both children and teenagers. It acts as both a rehabilitation seat, a static standout and a couch. Used in the initial adaptation of patients to a sitting position, as well as in further stages of rehabilitation. The pneumatic spring allows the patient to smoothly verticalize from a lying to a standing position. The system of pelottes and seat belts makes the child feel confident and safe in it. The waist belt and safety vest are equipped with the Grab and Pull system. It enables precise and quick securing of the child in the device, and if necessary, it can be removed immediately. Dedicated to people with MPD, myelomeningocele, degenerative diseases, brain and spinal cord injuries of various etiologies, MS, SLA, genetic syndromes and many others.




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