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orthopedic pillow

Orthopedic pillow – how to choose the best orthopedic pillow?

A deep, sufficiently long sleep is one of the conditions for good health and mood. Sleep regenerates the body and mind, and getting regular sleep also ensures well-being. Unfortunately, people of any age with some sort of mobility ailment can be prone to sleep quality problems. Dysfunctions such as degeneration and pain in the spine, especially in the cervical region, not infrequently cause difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping soundly.

To prevent sleepless nights, you need the right support, such as a good, properly sized orthopedic sleep pillow. It adapts perfectly to the body, provides support and proper alignment of the spine, eliminating pain. It will facilitate a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, so it is worth considering its purchase.

Uses and benefits of orthopedic pillow

Designed for people of all ages, the orthopedic pillow facilitates healthy sleep. It improves comfort not only for seniors, people after injuries or with advanced spinal degeneration. Discomfort from neck and back muscle pain can afflict anyone, periodically or chronically. This can cause insomnia and, in the long run, impair the quality of daily life.

To prevent this and help yourself or someone close to you, we recommend sleeping with a pillow with orthopedic properties. During sleep, it provides support for the head, neck and nape, maintaining the correct natural shape of the spine. In the case of the increasingly common spinal condition of cervical lordosis abolition, an orthopedic pillow properly selected can greatly assist in rehabilitation.

The pillows relieve the pressure on the cervical spine along with the muscles, making the excruciating pains far less noticeable, allowing for uninterrupted sleep. Regular sleeping on orthopedic pillows also provides many benefits for people without chronic problems – a great alternative to regular pillows that do not provide adequate support. Sometimes the morning neck and back pain that appears from time to time may be related precisely to the wrong choice of a classic sleeping pillow. Their orthopedic versions will work well for those who prefer to sleep on their backs or on their sides. They also prevent snoring and bothersome migraines. They improve daily comfort, allowing for long, restful sleep in children and adults.

Types and characteristics of orthopedic pillows

An orthopedic pillow, also known as a Swedish or medical pillow, is a properly contoured accessory made of special materials. They use inserts that yield to pressure and remember their shape. They are manufactured from polyurethane or thermoplastic foam. Their structure and specially designed profile conforms to the body and provides support for the spine.

The division of orthopedic pillows divides them according to their use and purpose. There are versions for sleeping or sitting, for children, infants, as well as rehabilitation versions for seniors. You can also meet travel and anti-snoring models. However, they are most often used to improve sleep comfort. In this segment, there are three variations of them, depending on the preferred sleeping position. The pillow with roller shaped profiling is designed for sleeping on the side. Slightly lower, with an additional indentation in profile is for sleeping on the back. The flattest, which can also be star-shaped, is used for sleeping on the stomach.

How do I choose the best orthopedic pillow for me?

The most important criterion for selection is our preferred method of sleeping. So, how do you choose an orthopedic pillow? The first question to be answered is whether you sleep mainly on your side, or on your back, or perhaps on your stomach. When this is known, we pre-select one of the three types. This is why it is important, because as mentioned above, a different shape and profiling is designed for each sleeping method. If we overlook this criterion and choose the wrong pillow, not only will it not help us at all, but it may even increase the pain we experience.

The best orthopedic pillow is tailored to our sleeping position, but is also made of a material with specific properties. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of plastic from which the chosen product is made. It is usually polyurethane resilient foam or thermoplastic foam.

The polyurethane foam has good ventilation properties, is resilient, and provides solid support for the head. Unfortunately, it can cause irritation to the sensitive face and neck. Its price is relatively low. Thermoplastic foam, on the other hand, which is much more expensive, has features that allow it to evenly distribute pressure and better support the neck. It can also deform to fit the body even better. Both types provide comfortable, healthy sleep.

Only by knowing our preferences and the characteristics of the products can we determine which orthopedic pillow will fully help us. It is also recommended for people suffering from snoring, headaches, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, migraines and tension discs. It will certainly provide plenty of benefits in any bedroom.