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Foot and shin orthosis VACO PED

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Najniższa cena: ( 2023-12-04 : 1500,00  )
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  • Self-adjusting vacuum cushion individually adapted to swelling;
  • The pillow in combination with the rigid frame structure provides adequate stabilization;
  • Can be used as a pre- or postoperative splint. derotation shoe;
  • Avoids repeated application of plaster;
  • Replaceable, washable liners ensure better hygiene;
  • Excellent proven clinical results;
  • The high external skeleton provides very good stabilization;
  • Innovative ankle adjustment as movable / stationary;
  • Adjustable range of motion in 10° increments from -15° to +30°;
  • Available in different models, equipment and sizes for other treatment requirements;
  • Perfect fit thanks to 3-step forefoot length adjustment;
  • Replaceable sole depending on the condition and medical indications;
  • Simple access to the wound after surgery facilitates healing;
  • Weight 2 800g.


  • Ankle fractures;
  • Metatarsal fractures;
  • Achilles tendon rupture;
  • Hernia of the Achilles tendon;
  • Surgical stiffening of the joint;
  • Fractures of the heel bones;
  • Stabilization and functional treatment of ankle and foot injuries.


Orthosis available ON REQUEST.


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