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Orthosis of the knee joint stabilization of the patella AM-OSK-Z Reh4Mat

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AM-OSK-Z is a knee orthosis, with patella stabilization, with a special design to stabilize and relieve pressure on the patellofemoral joint and the patellar collateral ligament proper. The orthosis is equipped with an anatomical ring to stabilize the patella, a posterior tension unit and two anterior units to further stabilize the patellofemoral joint. Thanks to the use of two polyamide buckle and fastener assemblies, it is possible to smoothly adjust the force of the orthosis on the knee joint. The periarticular ring aligns the patella in its axis preventing lateral or medial pinning of the kneecap.

Recommendations for use:

  • habitual dislocation of the patella
  • fracture of the patella
  • patella pinning
  • chondromalacia of the patella
  • pain in the patellofemoral joint
  • arthrosis.

The orthosis is made from the innovative ActivPren raw material. ActivPren is an active, three-layer, waterproof material, consisting of two elastic cover knits and a core made of neoprene foam. The material is characterized by softness and high flexibility. Thanks to its AirSupply System, the protected part of the body is further ventilated, and its temperature is maintained. A very important advantage of this raw material is that the product does not have coarse fibers, so the weaves of the material do not compress the patient’s skin and do not cause wounds in areas of high compression.

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