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Exercise Resistance Tape

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Exercise Resistance Tape (green/resistance 30-57kg)

  • increase in range of motion
  • stretching and rehabilitation exercises
  • deep muscle mobilization
  • In the fitness club, at home and outdoors

Qmed Exercise Resistance Tape is an essential link to help with speed, performance and strength training. Ideal for strengthening abdominal muscles, powerlifting triathlon, pull-ups on a bar. The variety of resistance levels of the Bands allows you to implement load progression rules that stimulate muscles to work harder and harder.

The more you stretch the Exercise Resistance Tape, the more resistance it will offer. Training with the Resistance Band promotes in building muscle strength and also at the same time proper stabilization of the joint it moves. The tapes fit a modern warm-up before training. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), interacts with the body’s natural physiology, improves circulation and increases flexibility of muscle connections.

Tapes can also be used in exercises that require the presence of a training partner or specialist. The variety of exercises to engage almost every part of the body means that Tapes are often included in treatment plans used by physical therapists. Their compact design makes them easy to take to workouts or put in a travel suitcase.



  • For use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • exercises to increase range of motion
  • improve muscle flexibility


  • Skin lesions within the application area of the device. Allergy to the materials used in the manufacture of the product.



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