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Rehabilitation seat Bingo MDH

Producent: MDH
Najniższa cena: ( February 24, 2024 : 0,00  )
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Verticalizer dedicated to children. The material from which the seat is made is mainly wood, thanks to which it is safe for children. The aesthetic design guarantees the child’s interest in colors and shapes.


car seat made of wood,

seat with the possibility of adjusting the angle and depth,

adjustable in the vertical and horizontal plane of the side,

backrest tilt adjustment with the possibility of setting the lying position,

footrests with the possibility of adjusting the length and angle of inclination,

foot platforms equipped with heels, safety belts, the possibility of adjustment in the horizontal plane and angle,

abduction wedge with the possibility of adjustment in the horizontal plane,

armrests with the possibility of adjustment in the vertical plane and the angle of inclination,

table for manual exercises and play (with a cut-out for the torso) with height and angle adjustment,

a car seat equipped with a vest stabilizing the chest,

all steering wheels equipped with a lock,

headrest with the possibility of adjusting the height and covering the occipital part of the skull,

vertically adjustable support of the cervical spine,

shelf under the seat.


Designed for the rehabilitation of disabled children, mainly with diseases of the nervous system, having problems with independent sitting.

Thanks to the wide range of adjustment possibilities, the seat can be used both for children with reduced muscle tone as well as those with problems of increased muscle tone.




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