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Active wheelchair Kuschall Advance

Producent: Kuschall (disambiguation)
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The Küschall Advance® is designed quite differently from the typical way of creating new strollers, namely that the most important need of the users – the seat. Made of carbon fiber, the fixed seat plate increases the rigidity of the entire stroller, thus giving exceptional driving characteristics.

Adjustable in no less than seven points, the küschall Advance® has been designed to adapt to the specific needs of each user. And why shouldn’t the stroller fit your mood or clothes on a given day?

The option of a quick connector of the front frame gives the possibility to change the color of the frame, also ensures easy transport of the trolley. Lightweight, configurable and, above all, adjustable like no other stroller, the küschall Advance® is for the user who needs something that exactly meets his needs for everyday mobility and style.


Kuschall (disambiguation)


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