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Zippie RS Sunrise Medical Manual Wheelchair

Producent: Sunrise Medical
Kod NFZ: S.18.01
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Strollers that support the child’s development.

ZIPPIE baby strollers are designed to support your child’s development. Available in a full range of options and accessories that you can easily adapt to your needs. In addition, most of our prams grow with your child, thanks to which they will serve you for many years.

Patented rotary tilt technology

The Zippie RS stroller is designed to meet the needs of a variety of positions, facilitating the function of eating or breathing, reducing pressure under the pelvis and supporting visual orientation. It allows easy positioning and repositioning to minimize the time spent in one position. This is important for a child who does not have the opportunity to independently and regularly change the distribution of body weight.
Remark: Seat systems are sold separately. The stroller is compatible with JAY backrests and cushions and specialized seat systems.

Patented rotary tilt technology

The seat frame rotates around the user’s center of gravity for stability at the shortest possible base and a smooth, controllable 45° tilt.

Designed for adjustment

A wide range of adjustment options makes adapting the Zippie RS to the user’s needs very easy. On each stroller, the seat depth can be adjusted from 37.5 cm to 45 cm. This is a useful function that ensures that the stroller is adapted to the child’s growth or to a progressive disease.

Trapezoidal fastening – an easy way to adjust seat systems

A mount that has passed “crash tests”. Allows you to combine the seat frame with individual seat systems. The double lock mechanism provides more safety both in the car and in everyday life.

Accessory box

The box located under the base allows you to store the equipment of the respirator and aspirator or other necessary things. The advantage is that the tilt mechanism does not limit the possibility of using the box.


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