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Children’s lightweight folding special Cruiser Convaid wheelchair

Kod NFZ: S.20.01
Najniższa cena: ( June 22, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Comfortable, lightweight and compact wheelchair for children. A product of the American company Convaid.

The Cruiser is equipped with Self Tensio®, a self-tensioning system that ensures that the seat stays firmly in place, preventing collapse while sitting, and helps maintain a neutral pelvic position.

Adjustable seat depth extends service life
A stroller for a growing child. The increased seat tilt angle (30°) improves postural control through upper body stabilization. Individually adjustable footrests allow optimal positioning of legs and feet.

Meanwhile, the Cruiser’s quick folding system and relatively small size when folded make it suitable for carrying in most car models.

Available accessories:

Extended canopy (with or without windows), rain cape, headrest extension, headrest cushion (padded), three-point positioning belt, “H” harness with padded cover, torso vest, soft side pelmets, seat size reduction insert, shin strap, leg abduction or adduction straps (with positioning cushion), angle-adjustable footrest plates, plate retaining strap
Footrests, foot stabilizers, a table, an anchor kit for transport, an anti-tip device, a basket under the wheelchair, a bag, a side bag, a travel bag for the wheelchair, a curb-entry aid.


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