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Special wheelchair KUDU R82

Producent: R82 / Convaid
Cena: 12100,00 
Najniższa cena: ( 2023-12-06 : 12100,00  )
Dostępność: Dostępny

Kudu is a practical stroller designed for indoor and outdoor use, which combines both form and functionality.

The Kudu stroller has been designed to offer the user unique adjustment possibilities. The height of the backrest and the depth of the seat can be extended without the need to replace the pillows. The cushions have one-piece removable upholstery.

An important feature of Kudu is the self-centering reclining of the seat associated with maintaining optimal balance. The stroller is very stable, regardless of the degree of seat tilt.

The rear wheels can be adjusted in three different positions, allowing for the best adaptation to individual needs, while ensuring an optimal centre of gravity. The Kudu frame is a compact design and its relatively small length makes it easy to maneuver the trolley. This also ensures stability if the bag is hung on the backrest.

The stroller has been designed with the function of changing the backrest angle without the use of tools. For easy transport, the backrest can be folded horizontally and the wheels can be dismantled.


R82 / Convaid


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